• Are you tired of chasing the tail while someone else profits from your expertise, skills, and hard work?
  • Do you love freedom and flexibility at work?
  • Do you hate to be traded as a commodity and wanted to be treated as an asset and be paid accordingly?
Would you love to earn money as an Employee, Self-Employed, Busines Person, and an Investor all at the same time? are in the right place. Let’s start getting you onboard with menschForce in just two simple steps:
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MenschForce is an innovative system of candidate sourcing for Projects of all nature – Staff Aug, Time & Material, and Outcome-based. Since the system is designed and run on a unique Asset-based Blockchain with consortium model, it essentially operates as an Autonomous, trustless Marketplace for sourcing. You may view it as a Co-Operative Society for Independent Consultants.
menschForce is a global, member-owned, managed & driven co-operative styled consulting company. Menschforce consortium is Promoted by its Parent company digiBlitz Inc and powered by digiBlitz karmaCapsule Network, a Unique AI blockchain network for values.
Menschforce consultants engage in a wide range of technology, business, and strategic consulting in many verticals and horizontals. We engage with our clients on a variety of projects with different timelines, budget, and delivery needs. Our core expertise lies in Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing(cloud and Blockchain), the Internet of Things, etc. The industries that we support include but not limited to Health Care, Financial, Banking, Government, Real Estate, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Energy, Media & Entertainment, etc., Our primary Operating markets are North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific with offices in the US, Hungary, and India
As a Consultant, your Job Role comes with unique responsibilities and a fantastic working culture/model with a guaranteed Six-figure revenue with virtually no ceiling. For a very long time, the IT consulting marketplace is dominated by a handful of companies making the business richer at the cost & outcome of the hard-working consultants and the recruiters who find and place them with the clients. Every promise to get the consultant to earn good % on the business growth went down the words on running water. Not any more!
The menschForce system is designed as an autonomous organization operated by the members owning the entire platform both technical and business processes as it is run on Blockchain. No central authority; governance by two West-Virginia based Non-Profit institutions menschForce Foundation and menschForce members Associations and automation through smart contracts make menschForce the long-awaited tool to disrupt the US Consulting marketplace.

  • As a consultant, you are not just an employee or contractor of the organization. You own the network on which the system runs, without your vote, the constitution of the system cannot be changed.
  • You trade your skills & time and keep most of the benefits out of the trade to yourself.
  •  You get every penny settled to you automatically without having to re-negotiate with your boss.
  • Transparently conduct business without the fear of getting cheated.
    Create and work on multiple deals simultaneously without having to put more working hours.
  • Work while traveling around the world(if you work on T&M and Outcome-based projects)
  •  Choose your work-time flexibly and Artificial intelligence and smart contracts will work on your behalf the rest of the time producing results for you. (except when you are working onsite under a client working schedule/ rule).
  •  No ceiling for income – You choose to price your candidates differently for different types of projects.
  • For outcome-based trade(a product produced by you), you can effectively price and earn multi-fold.
  • VISA processing, Compliances with multiple government agencies are fully automated. No risk of losing status.
  •  Bid on multiple projects and work simultaneously by gathering your own team.

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Suresh Kannan created the patent-pending blockchain technology called digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network, an internet of assets. menschForce as an organization founded fully on the ideology of trading the full human potential & output without a broker or manipulator. Essentially the system continuously creates digital Assets out of the human efforts and make these efforts are tradable digital Assets. While an IT consultant might simply work on a programming project, the system makes his output tradable much higher than the perceived value. This makes the system Innovative and highly disruptive to the existing IT marketplace. With his over 22 years of experience in creating and selling innovative solutions, Suresh Kannan stands out in the crowd of Entrepreneurs.

Kindly visit before the discussion so that you can make use of the meeting more effectively. By the way, you may also want to check out Suresh Kannan’s profile at and explore some of his presentations at

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