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menschForce Lifetime Consultant Membership is the signature of the entire organization. Menschforce being a consortium blockchain-enabled organization, the power and success of the organization lie in the constitutional structure and the consortium membership design. As it is an association of people(members), the entire organization’s earning model is designed to benefit the members of the organization. Every consultant, whether an individual or a business entity, enjoys the lifetime membership being part of menschforce system. A single entity or a person shall generate revenues from four quadrants, with four types of engagements in Parallel. ie one shall generate revenue from all four quadrants of income at the same time. At least one can be fully active, while others shall be residual or exponential in autopilot mode.

  • Type A – This is typically for Employment where one sells their time for a project with a client either onsite or offsite. This is a typical W2 engagement in the USA and corresponding taxable employment in other countries.
  • Type B – In this type of engagement, a consultant shall earn on time & material basis. The consultant shall engage in some projects within the menschforce trading ecosystem and get pain on time & material basis. popularly called the T&M model. The payment for such revenue is taxable an independent consultant in 1099 and corresponding tax codes in other countries.
  • Type C – This type is to create opportunities for a consultant to give shapes to some ideas into the invention and eventually to tangible/intangible products & Solutions to sell within the menschForce Marketplace.
  • Type D – Every businessman, at some point gets tired of running a business to earn money(although a lot more than being a self-employed or employee) and look forward to investing and generate exponential income. Type D engagements bring that to reality. A consultant shall trade the digital assets (of menschForce) which represent the time and outcome of other people within the system. So, typically a trader invests and trades the time, product and solutions.

All by becoming a Life Time Consultant member through paying a fee of $4000(monthly and annual recurring membership options are available). As a part of the membership, a consultant shall choose to become an employee of the organization on W2 to earn fixed income or choose to become an independent consultant on 1099 or a combination of both. Since everyone’s time is limited to 24 hrs a day, its the choice that you make to divide the between the four quadrants. Typically one will start from A, go to B, then to C and eventually to D over a period of time. For further information, please write to to schedule a call.

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