H1B during Covid-19, FREE Zoom Cast

What are the real implications of the Covid-19 and the current US economy on the H1B  Program?

A Zoom Call with
Suresh M. Kannan
Founder & President, menschForce LLC

Covid-19 and the US Administration, with its recent H1B–Visa suspensions, have brought a sharp sense of fear, doubt, and confusion among the community of non-immigrant workers. Though the impact of Covid-19 on the day-day life of the US is real, the situation has been not been completely understood by many.

About this webcast – Diagnosing the key Impact of Covid-19 on the H1B Program as such and the migrant workers at large, and setting a focus on the underlying reality.

The Webcast promotes understanding by linking and analyzing H1B trends in recent years, focusing specifically on how consultants – who have been in the industry for years, giving them financial & legal statuses – envisage this program in the future.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, under immense pressure, the US government is maneuvering the wheels of national finance and economic recovery along with addressing the massive issue of


unemployment – which essentially means getting jobs for American citizens. Though H1B workers never posed any direct threat to the national unemployment charts, popular rhetoric was non-immigrant workers purportedly take the major portion of American jobs.

The speaker will highlight the core concerns surrounding this executive order and will describe how dependent visa holders get impacted (legal statuses, temporary setbacks, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty). The speaker will also release further details of such bans and their real impact, both in short-term and long-term timeframes.

Furthermore, he will throw light on the possible options, things-to-do, or not-to-do for the H1B beneficiaries and the sponsoring companies amid COVID-19. He will detail the entire situation to draw clarity on the future course of action.


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Disclaimer: Anything that is discussed as part of the podcast and suggested by Speakers(s) are only professional suggestions, not legal advice. Neither the speaker nor the moderator is qualified to give legal immigration advice.
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