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Like you, everyone loves to have an additional, residual, passive, incremental income in autopilot mode while holding a job or other bread earning traditional business to free themselves from financial burdens and instability. “Becoming your my own boss” is a dream for most of us; but we lack the courage, capital, knowledge, and platform to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is neither an academic subject  not an impossible skill to acquire. Those who do right things, at the right time, with right people, using right tools, shall become a successful entrepreneur. Most of the millionaires are self-made people who did follow basic principles and wisdom that brought in the success.

menschForce Independent partnership program shall be the right platform for you to achieve your dreams of owning a business in your spare time that continuously brings a passive income that can multiply over a period of time without you having to invest in expansion. It is an autopilot system of revenue generation designed around basic human engineering and productivity. You will tap into a multi-billion dollar consulting, micro-Jobs, and freelancing market under the umbrella of mensch Force society. Like any other society, menschForce society of consultants and skilled workers grows together with the independent managers(owners). We will be sowing seeds together and will be harvesting business together as a society. The revenue shall not just be limited to IT projects but also many other technical and business consulting and micro jobs from the target market. You and consultants working under you will form teams and bid on various projects, win RFPs execute and deliver them to earn through the outcome. These projects shall be time-based(billing for the time), outcome based(time&material) or product sales or trading assets.

The Business Model

Our Independent partners are responsible for managing and delivering projects for specific clients. They shall also bring their own client’s relationships and keep them. Independent partners Work with menschForce Executive Management and Business Development teams for serving the client needs and managing Projects. They manage P/L ( Profit & Loss) of their engagements and generates income from the profits in addition to their fixed engagements and sales commissions, Every registered independent consultant will be assigned to one or more account managers. An account manager shall also bring their own teams(they should also become members of menschForce). Independent Business Partners Owners shall be responsible for Type A(Time based), Type B(Time & Material) and Type C(Tradable material/Assets). Type A project earning is capped at the time only. The income is based on the number of hours the consultants worked multiplied by the rate. Type B projects are the work projects where the consultant works on Time & Material model. Usually, the consultant will get paid for the time but tied up with the deliverable as the guarantee. Type C projects are tradable items like small software programs, algorithms, design, templates, data, processes, methodology, etc.

The Income Mode:

Independent Account Owners work on Profit & Loss. Ie they own the account/project and responsible for successfully delivering the projects within the budget to produce profit.

Base Income: The menschForce will pay the Independent Account Owner a monthly retainer of XXX per month in the first Six(6) months and there after an amount determined based on the performance during the first Six months.

Variable Compensation: Independent Account Owner the following commissions (hereinafter referred to as “P&L Structure Earning”): (i) X% of net profit of every account in a quarter, payable quarterly. The incentive will be paid up to the life of the account/project & account manager in the company.

Gross Profit = Total Revenue – Cost of Labor ( Rate/Salary/Compensation to Personnel + other cost associated with the labor) – Cost of Recruiters(including their commissions and salaries) – Cost of HR – Cost of Administration & Finance. Where the Standard Expenses: Payroll for Engineers, Payroll for Recruiters, Payroll for Client Relationship Executives, Payroll forHR Administration Expenses, Finance/Accounting Expenses, Matching Incentive(half contribution)or recruiters, Corporate Expenses for the account.

Sales Commission: for helping on boarding new client: XX% on the gross sales generated from the client for up to YY years from multiple account. Sales Commission for business from existing client: Up to XY% of the gross payment received from client account/project. If multiple people are involved, it will be split among them. The commission will be paid for up to one year of the life of the account. The commission will get terminated immediately after the sales person(employee or contractor) quits/resigns from menschForce. In case if menschForce terminates the relationship, the sales person will continue to get the commission till end of the remaining of 1 year period. In case of the account goes for issue and new sales person plays role in continuation of the account/project then the sales person will be eligible for the commission.

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